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’90 Day Fiance’ spoilers: Are Anna and Mursel still together? Did the ’90 Day Fiance’ couple marry?

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90 Day Fiance couple Anna Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu were just shown reconnecting over their shared love of bees on Season 7 of the series, but they still have a lot of obstacles to overcome — so did they end up getting married, and are they still together?

[90 Day Fiance Spoilers Warning: Stop reading now if you’d rather watch Anna and Mursel’s love story unfold on the show instead of learning now whether they are still together. This article also reveals where Anna and Mursel currently living, either separately or as a couple.]

Anna, a 38-year-old mother of three from Bellevue, NE, was shown welcoming Mursel, a 38-year-old from Antalya, Turkey, into the United States on 90 Day Fiance’s seventh season, which premiered on TLC earlier this month.

Anna wasn’t sure she’d find love again after her relationship with her sons’ father ended, but then she met Mursel on Facebook of all places.

Mursel sent Anna a friend request on Facebook after noticing they had a shared passion for beekeeping, and they continued talking and sending photos to each other despite the language barrier between them.

Anna finally took their flirtation to the next level by traveling to Turkey to meet Mursel, and four months later, he proposed to her on social media.

In a trailer for 90 Day Fiance’s seventh season, it appears Mursel’s family asked him to return to Turkey at some point during the season’s filming.

“Do they want you to leave soon?” Anna asks Mursel in tears.

“Yes,” he replies.

“Maybe I’m not supposed to be happy,” she says. “I don’t know.”

In a different trailer for 90 Day Fiance’s new edition, Anna’s son tells the cameras, “I don’t know how much Mursel is really in love with my mom.”

And Anna later dropped Mursel off at the airport and cried, “Please, Mursel, don’t go!”

Mursel also appeared to be crying after he said goodbye to Anna.

During the premiere of 90 Day Fiance’s seventh season, Anna said the most important thing in her life is her children: Joey, 15, Gino, 14, and Leo, 6.

As a full-time mom, Anna never got much time to herself, especially since the boys’ alleged “controlling” father hadn’t been a part of their lives for a couple of years.

But when Anna did have the time to chat with Mursel, she found him “kind and sweet.” The pair, however, came from very different cultures given Mursel is Muslim.

Despite the differences in their lifestyles and religions, Anna quickly fell in love and said Mursel proposed marriage to her after a month or two of communicating. They hadn’t even met in person yet, and Anna admitted it was crazy.

Anna then said her first meeting with Mursel in Turkey surpassed her expectations, and so she returned to America and applied for his K-1 visa, which was later approved.

Anna acknowledged that by flying Mursel to America, she was about to take a huge risk for love and flip her family’s lives upside down, but she was hoping for the best.

Anna worried Mursel and her boys wouldn’t get along, and the boys wondered what would happen if Mursel didn’t like living in the United States. Gino in particular wasn’t ready for a strange man to take over and try to control the household.

The boys, however, were supportive of their mother and wanted to see her happy. Anna just asked her sons to be on their best behavior and give Mursel a chance.

Anna was warned by friends her romance with Mursel may not turn out to be a fairy tale given they could barely have a conversation with each other, but their mutual love was apparent when Anna picked her man up at the airport and they kissed and embraced.

“I believe we’re meant to be. We’re meant to get married,” Anna told the cameras in a confessional. “We have a lot of pressure on us. We need to make sure that this is the right decision, because this is forever.”

When Anna asked Mursel how he was feeling by using the language translation app at the airport, he replied in English, “I want to kiss you!”

Anna and Mursel had problems communicating right away, especially because the translation app wasn’t always accurate. But Anna said their first night together in a hotel went “great.”

While driving through Nebraska, Mursel told the cameras all he could see was farmland and so he missed Turkey.

Mursel then met Anna’s sons. He tried to hug the boys, but Anna’s eldest son Joey felt a little awkward and backed away. Mursel also had trouble communicating about his trip. Luckily, he understood the words “pizza” and “good” in English.

Mursel, however, didn’t end up liking American pizza, and Gino didn’t think he liked their house either. The boys worried Mursel was going to view everything in the United States as being inferior to what he was used to in Turkey.

Joey therefore wasn’t looking forward to getting to know him.

Mursel’s meeting with Anna’s sons “didn’t go well,” according to Anna, and then he had to meet her mother, Charlene, at a restaurant. Anna expected her mother to be blunt and a bit harsh with Mursel.

Charlene was most concerned about the fact Anna is Catholic and Mursel is a conservative Muslim, who doesn’t even drink. Anna was definitely a social drinker, so she was well aware that could present issues for them.

Charlene also worried Anna would have to do and say everything Mursel wanted since he’d view himself as the head of her household.

“How does Mursel’s family feel about your kids?” Charlene asked.

“They don’t know about them… because Mursel does not want to tell his family,” Anna replied.

“That’s messed up,” Gino announced at the table.

Mursel explained he loved Anna so much but his family would hinder their love. Mursel said people in Turkey find it odd and “wrong” for a woman to not be married when she has children.

Mursel also said it’s not acceptable for a man to marry a woman with children already.

Mursel’s first couple of days in the United States were tough, and Anna told Mursel that she was afraid he was going to leave America because of his family. Mursel, however, insisted he wasn’t going anywhere and he loved her.

Mursel didn’t think his family would find out, but if they did, it would cause major problems. Mursel didn’t want to be shamed by his family in Turkey, and he admitted to Anna he might have to return to his native country if they’re exposed.

Best case scenario, Mursel hoped to tell his family about Anna’s kids in 10 years, when his parents are on their deathbeds.

Mursel said his parents would forgive his sins during their last moments on earth and that is the time to be totally honest and forthcoming about things.

Anna realized she and Mursel had a big issue to face, and Anna said it wasn’t fair Mursel expected her to keep her children hidden.

Mursel insisted he felt sad and guilty about the secret, but he apparently didn’t want to lose his family.

Mursel then made it known if he had things his way, Anna would come to Turkey with him, which made her sons feel like Mursel didn’t care about them at all.

Anna was starting to realize she might have to choose between the love of her life and her boys. And Anna told the cameras her sons would always come first.

After a few difficult weeks for Anna and Mursel, the couple bonded over working with Anna’s bees, and they seemed to reconnect.

But Anna later found out it was going to be difficult for Mursel to fit into her life at the couple’s wedding shower. Mursel could only communicate a few words in English her or there to Anna’s friends.

Anna had no idea what the end result of her romance was going to be.

Are Anna and Mursel still together? Did the 90 Day Fiance couple get married?
Anna revealed November 25 on Instagram she and Mursel got engaged on September 8, 2018.

Anna announced the news as part of her explanation as to why she and Mursel appear to wear wedding rings on 90 Day Fiance’s seventh season.

“I finally got the ok! I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the rings Mursel and I wear. In Turkey it is customary to have an Engagement ceremony. This involves exchanging rings,” Anna captioned a series of photos of the couple celebrating at a fancy event.

“A red ribbon is tied to both rings and the Elder of the family says a prayer and some words to bless the Engagement and the ribbon is then cut. Then the couple goes around and kisses the hands of the Elders. It is also customary for the guests to pin money on the newly Engaged couple.”

Anna concluded, “We didn’t go through the whole engagement custom which would also involve both families meeting and getting a blessing due to my family not being in Turkey. We were engaged September 8 2018! Hopefully this clears some questions.”

Anna and Mursel reportedly got married a year after their engagement.

Anna and Mursel tied the knot in Nebraska on September 8, according to court records obtained by Starcasm.

The couple has refrained from sharing photos or writing messages about each other on social media, but Mursel recently changed his home state to Nebraska on his Facebook.

According to Starcasm, Anna owns Beauty and the Bees Honey, a business which sells honey and a wide array of bees wax products.

Mursel studied at California State University, Northridge, according to the website. But it’s unclear whether Mursel came to America for the program or participated in online courses.

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