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’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Ashley Smith Says Jay Cheated On Her With A Stripper

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Former “90 Day Fiancé” star Ashley Smith is spilling all the tea about her recent split from husband Jay Smith.

Ashley posted a TikTok video where she detailed what lead up to her kicking him out. She posted a video of herself with captions that told the story. She started off saying, “I lied to the world because I’m so shamed and embarrassed I let this happen AGAIN…”

She looked tearful while shaking her head on camera. She added, “I gave it my everything. i loved him so much.”

She said Jay opened his new tattoo shop with money she loaned him. Ashley wrote, “I took my savings to start my own business and gave it to him so he could live out his dream.”

“And what did he do…he was messaging the stripper he originally cheated on me again,” she claimed. She said, “A few days later he cheated and I told him to get out. He had her bring him to my house to get his belongings.”

Ashley wrote, “I lost 30k trying to help someone I thought was finally ready to be a real man. It’s all my dumb fault. I’m sorry I lied to all of you. In that moment I was so weak, I couldn’t take public opinions and deal with the trolls.”

Last month, Ashley first revealed she split from Jay after trying to make it work countless time. She originally told People, “No one cheated. No one did anything. I simply couldn’t get over the past.”

Earlier this month, Ashley leaked security footage from the Ring camera installed above her home. She said Jay set it up and placed himself as the administrator.

She wrote, , “My ex installed our @ring when we got it and put it all under his email. I kindly have been asking him to change it to my email and to delete himself off of it. After multiple failed attempts, I assumed he wanted to watch what I was doing. Well me being The person I am, I figured I might as well put on a show for him. There is plenty more where this came from. ”

Ashley originally met Jay while on vacation in Jamaica. They quickly fell in love and Jay moved to America to be with her.

The romance got off to a rocky start with accusations of Jay cheating on Ashley. January 2019, Ashley filed for divorce from Jay for the first time. She dismissed the case months later after deciding to give the relationship another time.

It didn’t work out and Ashley took out a protective order. He would be accused of violating the order and got arrested by ICE. The charges were dropped and Jay was released from custody. Ashely filed for divorce a second time only to dismiss it once again.

In March 2020, the two revealed they were back together in a TikTok video. It looks like things didn’t work out for them.

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