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’90 Day Fiance’ star Emily Larina blames producers for improper infant car seat

by Iyzklez
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90 Day Fiance star Emily Larina is blaming the show’s production team for supplying her infant son an improper car seat on their way to the airport in Russia.

On the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance’s seventh season, Emily, her fiance Sasha Larin, the couple’s son David, and Sasha’s parents were shown riding in an SUV to the airport where they intended to board a flight to the United States.

Emily was sitting in the middle of Sasha and David in one row of seats, and David was noticeably positioned in a forward-facing car seat, which also appeared to be too large for the infant.

Emily was likely the target of backlash and mommy-shaming because she felt the need to release a statement on Monday about why she had used that particular car seat for her son.

“Production ordered the car that took us to the airport so they could go pro the car. I told them multiple times the car seat needed to be for an infant, but they didn’t listen,” Emily wrote in her Instagram Stories.

“We didn’t have a car seat of our own at the time because we didn’t have a car and ordered a car…service that provided car seats if we needed one. If we waited for another car, we would have missed our flight.”

Emily wrote her message over a picture of David apparently sitting in a proper car seat.

“I was so stressed from the ordeal that I broke down crying. Luckily, he was huge and the straps fit him. I still feel awful about that car ride. He has a good one now though!” Emily concluded.

David was a little older than six months at the time Emily and Sasha departed Russia because Emily had pointed out in a previous 90 Day Fiance episode they had to wait six months to receive David’s Russian passport since Sasha didn’t apply for it immediately after his son’s birth.

Emily was overwhelmed with emotion during and after her family’s ride to the airport, but it was unclear whether she was just emotional about leaving Russia, the stress of the trip and traveling with an infant in general, or something else.

Sasha also cried upon saying goodbye to his parents, who wished for a better life for their son in America.

Prior to packing up their belongings, Emily and Sasha had been butting heads over how to raise their baby.

Emily was upset Sasha didn’t desire spending more time with their baby given he worked so much and then seemed to lounge around once he got home. Emily alleged Sasha was only spending five hours a week total with their baby.

Emily, a 29-year-old from Portland, OR, and Sasha, a 32-year-old from Moscow, Russia, began starring on Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance in early November on TLC.

When the season began taping, Emily had already been living in Volgograd, Russia for three years. She took a job in Russia after finishing college.

Emily’s Facebook page indicates she and Sasha started dating in June 2016, and then in December of that year, she revealed on social media she couldn’t wait to move to Moscow in order to be closer to Sasha.

Emily fell in love with Sasha, a personal trainer, although he had two former wives and a son with each of those two exes.

But Emily was convinced at the time she got pregnant Sasha would stay with her and be an excellent father.

Emily and Sasha announced their engagement on Facebook on February 27, 2017, and then they welcomed their first child in November 2018.

Emily, Sasha and David traveled to the United States in May 2019, according to Starcasm, which would have given the couple until August 2019 to get married on Sasha’s K-1 visa or else he’d have to return to Russia.

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