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’90 Day Fiance’ star Juliana Custodio de Sousa defends Michael Jessen after prenup backlash: “I love this guy… He’s a prince!”

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90 Day Fiance star Juliana Custodio de Sousa is defending Michael Jessen in light of backlash he’s received following the latest 90 Day Fiance episode that showed Michael pushing for a prenuptial agreement and the couple meeting with a mediator.

After Sunday night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance’s seventh season aired on TLC, Michael posted a series of videos to his Instagram Stories insisting the editing was “manufactured bullsh-t” because he was portrayed as a selfish man only looking out for his best interests in his relationship with Juliana.

“It’s something where I feel like I need to call a little bit of bullsh-t because it’s not really who we are… We’re all upset about the harshness for which we were portrayed. It hurts our feelings… We’re not paid actors,” Michael, 41, vented, according to In Touch Weekly.

And Juliana, 23, clearly agrees, as she took to Instagram earlier this week in support of her fiance on the show.

“I love this guy,” Juliana captioned a sweet slideshow of photos of the couple set to music.

“I just wants to share how much I love this man, and so many sacrifices he made just to be with me, isn’t fair he being attacked just for what people seem on tv.”

The slideshow depicts an affectionate couple going on fancy dates and vacations. Juliana was also photographed holding bouquet after bouquet of roses clearly given to her by Michael.

“The fact that I haven’t been smart with my own stuff have nothing to do with him, he doesn’t deserve all this hate,” Juliana continued in her post.

“He is a prince, I’m so happy that on the real life he is the most amazing human being I have ever met and has a beautiful soul, love you @michael_jessen_77 #90dayfiance.”

Michael, a self-employed wine entrepreneur from Greenwich, CT, welcomed Juliana, a model from Goiania, Brazil, into the United States on 90 Day Fiance’s seventh season, and they’ve been shown planning their fast-approaching wedding within the 90 days of her K-1 visa.

Before tying the knot, however, Michael realized a prenup should be put into effect so that his children, Max and Cece, are protected in the worst case scenario of divorce.

Michael and Juliana were apparently unhappy with the footage that showed the couple meeting with mediator Carolyn Swiggart to discuss their finances in preparation of signing a prenup.

Michael told Carolyn on 90 Day Fiance that he wanted to keep his wealth, property and assets separate from Juliana, who brought little money into the relationship given she’s an aspiring model who grew up very poor in Brazil.

Carolyn therefore advised Michael to make sure Juliana would be well taken care of if they were to divorce, and Juliana — feeling like a dependant “loser” — cried to the cameras about how she feared Michael might leave her penniless and have all the power in their upcoming marriage.

But now, Juliana is saying the fact she had no money saved upon her entry into America was her own fault and Michael has done nothing but love and support her.

In fact, Michael revealed in one of his Instagram Stories he and Juliana are adopting her young niece and nephew from Brazil and bringing them over to the United States so they can have a better life, In Touch reported.

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