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A Guy Just Ate The $120K Banana Right Off The Wall At Art Basel, And It Is GREAT!

by Iyzklez
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An artist attending Art Basel in Miami Beach just walked up to the $120,000 banana duct-taped to a wall….and ate it!!!

We obtained video and photos of the moment, which will go down in crazy art history, where the guy decided he was going to use the expensive piece of art as his lunch.

As you can see, David Datuna a famous artist in his own right, walked up to the wall took off the duct-tape and ate the banana. You can hear him in the video explaining it is now just a piece of performance art.

David is a famous artist whose collectors include the Tisch family, Uri Mermelstein and PR mogul Ronn Torossian of 5WPR.

Eats It Right Off Of The Wall!

The problem is…onlookers and Art Basel workers question Datuna and why he would destroy the art. At one point, you even seen law enforcement officers arrive on the scene to question the situation.

It’s unclear if the actual artist of the piece is aware of what happened or if David will now owe the $120,000 for eating the art.

The banana made national news this week, after the first of 3 banana pieces sold for $120,000. According to reports, a second banana also sold for the same price, and it’s said the third edition will go for up to $150,000.

Expensive Art Becomes Snack

The latest edition just went down the throat of David Datuna.

The piece, called “Comedian,” was renowned Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan’s first sculpture entrance to the art fair in 15 years.

Art Basel founder Emmanuel Perrotin told the media this week, the bananas are “a symbol of global trade, a double entendre, as well as a classic device for humor,” sparking “both delight and critique” from viewers.

According to local news reports, the first banana art was sold to an unidentified french woman, and the second copy was also sold to a man not long after… for the same price.

Banana’s Price Raises To $150,000

The artist raised the price of the third piece to $150,000.

A press release from Cattelan’s gallery in Paris says the artist first came up with the idea for a banana-shaped sculpture a year ago.

“Every time he traveled, he brought a banana with him and hung it in his hotel room to find inspiration. He made several models: first in resin, then in bronze and in painted bronze (before) finally coming back to the initial idea of a real banana.”

The banana has gone viral on social media, both for being the great piece of art and for being the most ridiculous form of wasteful spending ever witnessed.

Art Basel Attracts Swarms Of A-Listers

Art Basel is the place to be this week as most A-list celebrities have descended on Miami for the art festival.

Leo DiCaprio, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid have been seen lighting up the nightlife until the wee hours of the morning.

During the day, most celebrities can be seen boating and lounging in their bikini’s and doing some art viewing.

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