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Bella Thorne Reflects On New Happiness With Stunning Makeup-Free Pic: ‘I Feel Good About Me’

by Iyzklez
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Bella Thorne has never looked more beautiful but more importantly, she has never felt better about where she is in life. The 22-year-old actress shared a series of fantastic photos on Wednesday that showed how happy the makeup-free star really is. She took the time to reflect on her physical and emotional state after a bumpy 2019.

“I feel good about me, I feel good about where I am,” Bella declared in the caption of her post, “although it seems as I’m always searching for more which I think is a good thing..but at this exact moment in my life I feel like I can stop. Just momentarily 😍 I am exactly where I am suppose to be. And I hope you are too…”

It’s All Love

Bella has been having fun while on vacation with her boyfriend, Italian pop star Benjamin Mascolo and her sister, Dani Thorne in the beautiful town of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. She has been enjoying some much-needed rest and relaxation and felt like sharing her sense of nirvana with her millions of fans.

Thorne’s message was well received and two of the most important people in her life showed her support in the comments.

Dani wrote, “Beautiful 💓😍🔥,” while Benjamin praised the star in a very personal way. Many fans believe that Bella’s improved mental state is due to the love she shares with her boyfriend.

“Seriously you look amazing and you are in such a healthy and positive place I’m proud of you babe ♥️,” Mascolo commented.

Bella’s Very Successful But Bumpy 2019

2019 has not been easy for the young actress but it has proved to a successful year. She got her first book of poetry, “The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray,” published, starred in and worked on several interesting projects, and pushed the limits of social norms. However, the year also brought some very difficult challenges.

In April, she broke up her former flame, Mod Sun and the couple exchanged nasty allegations on social media. She also made the tough decision to release her own nudes rather than deal with an alleged hacker’s demands.

It is quite refreshing to see a young mogul overcome so much adversity and find happiness and success on the other side.

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