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Bethenny Frankel Dragged By Leah McSweeney For Trashing Cardi B’s ‘WAP’

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Former “Real Housewives of New York” star Bethenny Frankel is being called out by Leah McSweeney for her criticism of Cardi B’s “W.A.P.”

Earlier today, Leah posted a video of her recreating Cardi’s dance in the “W.A.P” music video. She wrote the caption, “Happy belated bday @iamcardib If we want to hold Cardi to certain standards why aren’t we asking the same of male rappers? If they can talk about WAPs why can’t she? WAP WAP WAP FOR LIFE! #ThankYouLilKim #ThankYouHipHop.”

Leah is clearly taking a shot at Bethenny after she spoke about Cardi on a recent episode of her podcast “Just B with Bethenny Frankel.”

On the episode, Bethenny says she recently heard Cardi’s song and was taken aback. The business mogul started off the episode, “I was telling my boyfriend Paul the other day how trashy is very in now. Just like just being slutty and talking about dick, that you want dick, that you haven’t had enough dick lately.”

Bethenny added, “sex sells, it always has. We were talking about sex in songs.” She took issue with the line “there’s some whores in this line” saying she thought it was a bad term to use by women. She talked about being less than impressed with lines about men spitting in a woman’s mouth.

The Skinnygirl mogul focused on the specific line “park your mack truck in my tiny garage.” Bethenny said she didn’t believe Cardi had a “tiny garage.” She believed Cardi “has at least a two or three-car garage.”

She said, “I don’t like when men speak like that. We haven’t like that men have been players. we haven’t like that men have called women sluts so that doesn’t mean that now we’re going to like being called a whore.”

Many fans have been joining Leah and ripping into Bethenny for her old fashioned views. One fan commented, “This was a disappointing take to read. It’s about reclaiming sexual empowerment and the focus actually being on women valuing their own pleasure.”

Another wrote, “These are 2 Black Women reclaiming their right to be sexual beings. This society doesn’t truly protect or value the voices of black women. I LIKE YOU BUT STAY IN YOUR LANE. Move around us (Black Women) because we will not be silenced or policed by your opinions.”

“I don’t mind that men have been players I just want women to be able to do the same thing without derogatory name-calling or shaming 🤷,” said one follower.

Bethenny has been defending her position against in the comment section.

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