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Bhad Bhabie’s Instagram Account Removed After She Documents Herself Trying To Fight Malu Trevejo

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The 16-Year-Old Rapper Drives A Little More Than An Hour And Makes A Ruckus In Front Of Her Longtime Nemesis’ House, Telling Her In A Loud Voice To Get Out Of Her House And Fight Her.

Bhad Bhabie is still catching heat over her braids, and now she has once again made headlines for an entirely different reason. This time around, the rapper, whose real name is Danielle Bregoli, gets her Instagram account removed from the platform after she went on an Live and recorded herself trying to fight her nemesis Malu Trevejo.

It all started during Malu’s Live session, in which she recorded a FaceTime she had with the 16-year-old rapper, who claimed that NBA YoungBoy (YoungBoy Never Broke Again) was the one who created a group chat to trash talk her. Malu didn’t believe Bhabie at all, and things soon escalated with the latter declaring that she would pull up to her house and fight her.

Bhabie kept her words for real, driving a little more than an hour and making a ruckus in front of Malu’s house. Moreover, she recorded the moment on Instagram Live so that her followers could witness it too. However, Malu refused to come outside and Bhabie was greeted with her parents instead. “Because she talks s**t about me so I’m her to see what’s up. She says so much about me for three years!” Bhabie furiously explained to Malu’s father, while her nemesis could be heard screaming from inside her house, “GET OUT!”

At one point, her parents decided to call the police on Bhabie, but she was clearly not afraid. “Tell your daughter to come outside,” Bhabie yelled. “Come out!”

Things apparently got so chaotic to the point where Instagram decided to take her account down in the middle of the Live session.

Noticing this, Bhabie turned to her Snapchat account to record herself having a calmer interaction with Malu’s parents. She could be heard telling them that she would come back to their house if their daughter diss her again. Once Malu’s father said that he would keep his promise, Bhabie finally left the property.

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