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‘Big Brother: All-Stars’ recap: Cody Calafiore wins Head of Household, nominates Kevin Campbell and David Alexander for eviction

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Big Brother: All-Stars featured Cody Calafiore winning Head of Household and nominating Kevin “KC” Campbell and David Alexander for eviction during Sunday night’s Season 22 episode on CBS.

During the Nomination Ceremony, Cody chose to put Kevin, a 40-year-old ad agency executive from San Diego, CA who previously competed on Big Brother 11, and David, a 30-year-old senior sales representative from Atlanta who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and competed on Big Brother 21, on the chopping block heading into this Thursday night’s live triple eviction of Big Brother: All-Stars.

Cody made it clear Kevin is his target this week, but Kevin still has a chance to win the upcoming Power of Veto competition and save himself.

The Big Brother: All-Stars broadcast began on Day 51 after Dr. Will Kirby’s appearance on the show.

Enzo Palumbo admitted he needed money and might be tempted to take prizes over power, and Nicole Franzel noted she’s glad she stayed true to her word in not voting Da.Vonne Rogers out.

Christmas Abbott believed Nicole and Dani Briones were the two votes for Da’Vonne, but Nicole lied to Christmas and pretended like she had no idea who those two people were.

Nicole and Dani even lied to each other about their votes to keep Da’Vonne, so Nicole acknowledged the girls clearly had some trust issues even though they had become great friends.

Dani considered using her “The Replay” power this week, which would allow the outgoing HoH, Memphis Garrett, to play in the next Head of Household competition to increase their alliance’s chances of staying in power.

Nicole pushed for Dani to use her power because she thought if Kevin “KC” Campbell won the next Head of Household competition, he’d probably go after Cody and herself.

Dani, however, was hesitant about using her power, which made Nicole feel like Dani didn’t care about her game or keeping her safe. Cody agreed it would be nice to have their full The Committee alliance play in the HoH.

“The fact that [Dani] is willing to throw [Nicole] under the bus that quickly just to keep herself safe is very, very alarming and let’s me know kind of where Dani is going to be at in this game,” Cody said in the Diary Room.

Dani told the cameras that she needed to do what was best for her game.

Dani therefore decided to tell Memphis about her power and how she’d be willing to play it for him so that he can play in the next HoH and increase The Committee’s chances of advancing as a whole in the game.

Dani wanted to secure Memphis’ trust and loyalty, which was good for her individual game, while allowing The Committee to think she had made the move to benefit them all.

Memphis, however, said in the Diary Room he didn’t want anything to do with this power because he just wanted to “blend into the carpet” after being HoH for a week and getting blood on his hands.

Regardless, Dani played “The Replay” power for Memphis, and the announcement was made anonymously. At this point in the game, all three powers from the spooky “Basement” competition earlier this season were deactivated and no longer in play.

It then became time for the season’s next Head of Household competition. Each All-Star was required to putt on a golf course and choose whether to compete for the title of HoH, a $10,000 prize, or both.

Each All-Star was after the lowest score of 1, which was at the end of the course and surrounded by obstacles. (The numbers ranged from 21-1).

A player could putt up to three times to try to earn his or her best score in either the Prize or Power category, but each putt would replace the score before it. (In other words, if a player earned a 4 with his or her first putt and then putted a second time and scored an 18, the 18 would unfortunately stick).

The players were also presented with the option to putt in each category for a shot at winning both Prize and Power. However, the All-Stars still only had a total of three putts to use.

The person to receive the lowest score in each category would win that prize or HoH title. If there was a tie for the $10,000, the money would be split amongst two or more All-Stars.

Tyler Crispen was up first and went for both the money and the HoH. He earned a score of 3 for the Prize and a score of 14 for the Power.

Nicole wanted to win HoH, so she putted twice for Power and only received a score of 10.

Memphis went after Power since Dani played the “Replay” power for him, but he didn’t even want to win. Memphis scored a 5 in Power and feared that was too high, so he threw the competition and putt again, earning himself a score of 18 in Power.

Kevin tried to win Power and wasn’t tempted at all by the $10,000. He putted a 5 for Power at first but threw that away for a shot at a higher score. After making that decision, Kevin’s result was Out of Bounds.

Dani competed for Prize and received a score of 3. She also putted in Power but was Out of Bounds.

David Alexander went after Power and received a score of 7, and Christmas also competed for Power and unfortunately was declared Out of Bounds.

Enzo putted for the Prize and earned himself a score of 4 but then putt again and went out of bounds. Enzo’s final score was therefore Out of Bounds.

Finally, Cody putted a 6 in Power and tried again, which resulted in him scoring a 2.

In the end, Tyler and Dani tied for first place in Prize and each received $5,000. and Cody became the season’s new HoH — his second HoH win of the season.

Christmas appeared disappointed because she wanted to break up the alliance within her The Committee alliance that seemed too comfortable. Christmas figured the people who played for Prize were too comfortable.

Dani told Cody that Christmas looked really mad, if not “furious,” when Cody won HoH. Dani admitted Christmas scared her and so she’d love Cody to take a shot at her.

Cody said he was thinking about nominating David and Kevin, the only two people whom he wasn’t aligned with. Cody said Nominations were going to be simple.

But then Enzo warned Cody that Memphis had also created a “Wise Guys” alliance with Christmas and there were two alliances with the same name. Enzo wanted Cody to target a big threat like Memphis or Christmas instead of an outsider.

“We should probably clip Christmas ASAP,” Cody said.

Cody revealed his lineup of targets was Kevin, Christmas and then Dani because he didn’t trust Dani. Cody wanted Memphis to be loyal to their Final 3 deal, and he thought the only way he could ensure that would be to eliminate Christmas from the game.

Cody told Nicole that he wanted Kevin gone this week and would nominate Christmas for eviction if one of the nominees happened to win the Power of Veto, but Nicole said that was “so stupid” and Cody was apparently doing all of Dani’s dirty work.

Nicole said she didn’t feel great about Christmas being the replacement nominee because she probably wouldn’t go after Nicole or Cody.

Cody, however, shared with Nicole how Memphis, Christmas and Enzo have a Final 3 deal together.

Nicole wanted to keep Christmas around because she said her relationship with Dani had become “rocky” after coming clean to Da’Vonne about voting Ian Terry out in Da’Vonne’s goodbye messages.

Cody insisted he wasn’t doing Dani’s dirty work and would be making moves for his own game.

“Get ready for everything to blow up,” Nicole warned Cody.

Prior to the Nomination Ceremony, Kevin talked to Cody and begged him to not be nominated for eviction again. Kevin said there were bigger threats in the house and he had nothing to lose.

Kevin warned Cody that he wouldn’t vote for him to win the $500,000 prize if Cody decided to nominate and take him out. Cody was annoyed and said Kevin was “one billion percent” his target this week.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Cody announced he had decided to nominate Kevin and David for eviction.

Cody wished both guys good luck and hoped they could respect his decisions, especially after his conversation with Kevin took a negative turn.

If either Kevin or David comes off the chopping block, Enzo pointed out Cody would have to turn on his alliance and make a tough decision.

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