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Bitcoin Businessman Debuts ‘First Cryptocurrency Cafe in the United States’

by Iyzklez
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A new establishment that bills itself as the “first cryptocurrency cafe in the United States” has opened its doors in Florida. Smart Crypto Cafe is trying to do more than accept Bitcoin and crypto for coffee and focaccia bread. The new smart, tech-centric cafe is designed to fuel adoption of BTC and other cryptocurrencies by offering “a place to learn, earn, and network with other crypto enthusiasts, makers, and technology enthusiasts.”

Located in downtown West Palm Beach, the cafe is combining coffee lovers with crypto supporters and newbies. By serving specialty grade coffee to fuel crypto conversation, it hopes to become a local hangout for people who support the digital economy, are curious about altcoins or want to talk Bitcoin.

The interior design mimics hard drives, fans and chips to make customers feel like they’re walking inside a computer. According to a report by WPTV News,

“The cryptocurrency cafe draws in all ages, all walks of life curious to learn more.”

“Owner Nelson Winter says you can pay by cryptocurrency but the focus is bigger than that. It’s education.”

Says Winter,

“Helping move towards adoption of cryptocurrency as a more mainstream concept for people in their day-to-day interactions.”

Customers don’t need to know, use or understand crypto to enter and enjoy the cafe. He adds,

“Because we know that 90% of our patrons are just regular folk, they’re not necessarily interested in the cryptocurrency space.”

The local business owner, who co-founded the cafe last year, says there are people stopping in front of the cafe every day because it’s the first of its kind.

“There’s no other cryptocurrency cafe.”

In addition to the basics, the staff teaches people how to read crypto charts and what the differences are among the wide range of digital assets.

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