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Bitcoin Price Heading Towards $100,000 with Hardly Anyone Noticing: Analyst says

by Iyzklez
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Recently, Bitcoin price has been rising over the weekends. At the end of last week, the same happened, when on Saturday BTC soared to $8,700 and then on Sunday say another rise by 3 percent occurred.

On Monday morning, however, BTC quotes slid 1.1 percent, taking just a few minutes to do that.

Bitcoin has been coming close to the $9,000 mark but has failed to take it every time this level came in sight.

However, one crypto expert believes that the community has been blind to the fact that Bitcoin’s price is heading towards a high at the $100,000 level.

Bitcoin is shifting towards $100,000
The Civic CEO, Vinny Lingham, has recently turned bullish about Bitcoin, after saying that should BTC hit $6,200, we will be in the bullish market. Recently, he has tweeted about his expectations for the BTC price to break through $10,000 soon and reach $12,000.

However, another analyst, going by the name TradingShot, has recently made a post on TradingView, saying that Bitcoin is headed for much more than $12,000 – BTC is moving towards as much as $100,000. The expert is surprised that nobody has taken notice of this encouraging fact.

Bitcoin, he says, may hit $100,000 by 2020.
Several other major experts in crypto have recently expressed the same forecast. One of them is Max Keiser, who said that BTC would hit $100,000 as early as 2019.

Recently, U.Today has reported that a self-assumed time traveller from 2025 also claimed that Bitcoin’s price would reach the $100,000 mark in 2019.

All the top ten coins are sliding at the moment, apart from XRP and Bitcoin SV. The latter is the top performer among the top crypto assets at the moment.

At the end of last week, the head of Bitcoin SV, Craig Wright (CSW), took part in the CoinGeek event, where he made some loud unsubstantiated claims against several major crypto market players.

The community took them with ridicule, however, Bitcoin SV has been rising on those CSW statements. At press time, BSV is the top performing coin and nearly the only asset in the top ten that is actually rising.

Craig Wright opposes the crypto world
During the CoinGeek crypto event in Canada, CSW stated that Bitcoin (BTC) is still in circulation since it supports global criminal activities, including prostitution and slavery.

As for the latter, CSW accused Tether, Binance and Bitfinex, saying that these companies use BTC to finance trading people and prostitution around the world. As per Wright, 30 percent of Binance’s funds is used for these old as hills business directions.

Craig Wright modestly avoided voicing statistics of how much Bitcoin SV is used to support global criminal activities, though.

When offered to sue Wright for libel, Binance’s CZ refused, saying that CSW does not deserve that much attention.

Recently, U.Today reported that the famous crypto podcaster Peter McCormack faces a risk of having to pay Craig Wright over 1 mln pounds sterling should he lose the case against CSW. If McCormack chooses to fight against CSW in court, legal expenses would be as much as 700,000 pounds. However, if he loses to Wright, he would have to pay the ‘Fake Satoshi’s’ expenses too, which would total twice as much as 700,000 pounds.

One of the options McCormack was considering is not to respond at all. Still, no option would free him of paying up – in that case, he would have to reimburse CSW for the alleged libel.

However, now the podcaster has decided to hire the best law firm in London to oppose Craig Wright in court and get CSW to pay his legal fees.

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