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Brad Pitt, Alia Shawkat Got ‘Touchy-Feely’ At Kanye West Concert?

by Iyzklez
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Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat did not get “touchy-feely” at Kanye West’s concert last week, despite a phony tabloid report about the two stars having a “sneaky romance.” Gossip Cop can debunk the story. It’s totally bogus.

As Gossip Cop has stressed, Pitt and Shawkat aren’t dating, despite the rampant speculation that recently made the rounds. The actor and the Arrested Development star are friends and have attended many events together in recent months, but they’ve always been accompanied by other pals and they’re not a couple. Pitt’s own spokesperson told us on the record he’s not dating the actress, while several reliable publications have dismissed the rumors as well.

Pitt and Shawkat attended West’s opera, Nebuchadnezzar, at the Hollywood Bowl last week. The two sat in the same box with several other friends, including rocker Nick Cave, but that hasn’t stopped Woman’s Day from claiming they were on a romantic “date night.” An alleged insider tells the magazine, “Brad and Alia stepped out of their car at the VIP entrance holding hands before quickly letting go as soon as they saw people turning heads – clearly conscious of garnering too much attention with their affectionate displays.” There are zero photos of the two holding hands, and if they’re trying to “fly under the radar,” as the magazine puts it, it’s very unlikely they’d emerge from a car hand in hand.

The anonymous source continues, “Brad was holding her hand and rubbing her leg during the show, and exchanging gooey-eyed glances. Friends haven’t seen Brad this happy in a very long time… They were extremely touchy-feely throughout the show.” In reality, Shawkat sat in the row behind Pitt at West’s opera, which would make it very difficult for him to hold her hand and rub her leg. Additionally, there’s a video of Pitt getting up from his seat to hug and greet the actress as she arrives at his booth. It doesn’t appear they even arrived together. Warmly hugging his female friend was as “touchy-feely” as Pitt got. The coziness described in the magazine never occurred.

Unfortunately, the unknown insider then kicks it up a notch by alleging that Pitt “had his hand on Alia’s back as they were ushered out of their box and into their waiting limo, which was taking them back to Brad’s Los Feliz home, where Alia’s been practically living for the last few weeks.” Gossip Cop can confirm that Shawkat isn’t staying at Pitt’s home.

People magazine, a much more trustworthy source for celebrity news than Woman’s Day, reaffirmed the fact that Pitt and Shawkat are “just friends” after they were spotted at West’s show. The reliable publication noted that Pitt was “with a group of people, including Alia” at the rapper’s concert, adding, “They were all in a VIP box. Brad was friendly with Alia, but it didn’t look romantic at all. They are absolutely just friends.”

Woman’s Day is just coming up with various ways to keep this nonexistent romance going. Last week, Gossip Cop called out the tabloid for falsely claiming Pitt brought Shawkat to Missouri to meet his parents. That didn’t happen. Pitt has many famous friends in the entertainment industry, both male and female, and Shawkat happens to be one of them.

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