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Britney Spears Fans Celebrate Singer’s Win In Conservatorship Battle

by Iyzklez
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The #FreeBritney supporters are celebrating after Britney Spears scored a small victory in her never-ending conservatorship battle.

The excitement comes hours after the judge presiding over Britney’s conservatorship decided to grant a motion that allows the singer to hire her own outside counsel. The singer had been asking the judge to allow her to hire a law firm named Loeb & Loeb.

The motion was opposed by her father Jamie Spears, who Britney has been trying to remove as head of her conservatorship.

One fan wrote, “A judge has granted #BritneySpears the right to hire her own lawyers for her conservatorship case against her father. This is a BIG win for @BritneySpears. #FreeBritney”

Another said, “FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 12 YEARS BRITNEY HAS JUST REGAINED THE RIGHT TO HIRE HER OWN LAWYERS #FREEBRITNEY” with a video of Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris dancing.

“BREAKING: Judge Penny has APPROVED Britney’s request for new lawyers according to fans who were in the courtroom. This is a HUGE victory for the #FreeBritney movement who have decried the violation of her Constitutional rights,” tweeted one fan account.

One #FreeBritney supporter named Leanne Simmons wrote following the ruling, “I’m ecstatic to know that Judge Penny approved the request to hire litigators. For over twelve years, Britney has been represented by a single court-appointed attorney who does not have the wherewithal to challenge Jamie’s powerhouse attorneys. Now that Britney and her court-appointed attorney will have help from litigators, I’m confident that Britney will finally be fairly represented in court. We’re one step closer to getting Britney the freedom she deserves!”

“We’re gonna see her genuine smile again! The court finally allowed her to have her lawyers. The conservatorship is about to end. #FreeBritney,” wrote one passionate fan.

One recounted how far the #FreeBritney movement has come. He said, “ritney getting granted to have “her own “ team of lawyers , it feels like this fight has been going on for centuries I can still remember the new residency debacle, the anonymous voicemail, the birth of the hashtag & now things are FINALLY starting to turn around #FreeBritney.”

Britney has been supportive of the movement despite her dad Jamie calling it a “conspiracy theory.” The singer said in court documents that she appreciates the fans and disagreed with disparaging them.

Jamie said the fans do not know what was in Britney’s best interest. The fans believe the 12-year-long conservatorship. Many believe the people around her making obscene amounts of money off of the singer.

The group protested outside the Los Angeles courthouse ahead of the recent hearing in Britney’s conservatorship.

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