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Ginimbi was engaged to Moana, see why

by Iyzklez
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Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure businessman died in a car crash with his fiance Michelle “Mimi Moana”.

Ginimbi was 36 years old, known for being a businessman, owner of a club called “AKA nightlife club”, and it’s said he used to pay girls to twe-rk for him and he would give them money and pop champagne on them.

The car crash happened after the birthday celebration of influencer MiMi Moana who is said to be Ginimbi’s fiance, Moana and Ginimbi died with other two people on the car.

The two is said to be engaged together because, after the past three weeks Moana posted two videos on Instagram with engagement ring holding a Male hand and captioned it as follows “officially off the streets” so it wouldn’t make sense that a newly engaged would have gone partying with another man.

This left many people heart broken, especially Moana’s father who talked about the relationship between him and his daughter, he said he last saw her daughter early last year, and they didn’t have good relationship because he was not happy with her lifestyle as he is a Muslim and his beliefs doesn’t allow such behavior.

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