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Gymnast Nastia Luikin Is ‘Gorgeous Tinker Bell’ In Scorching Braless Mini-Dress

by Iyzklez
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Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin is channeling her inner-Disney characters after being dubbed a ‘gorgeous tinker bell’ in her new stunning photos!

The 5-time Gold Medal winner shared a mind-blowing set of photos on Thursday of herself wandering in a parking lot sporting an electric lime green mini-dress, that could double as a sexy Tinkerbell Halloween costume.

The Moscow-born gymnast now resides in Dallas, Texas where they have experienced a heatwave, so the athlete turned influencer has been sharing her smoking hot outfits to deal with the heat! The smaller the better!

“Thursday thoughts: work hard, be nice to people, and don’t forget to eat your greens,” Nastia captioned the sexy snaps.

Right away, one of her Million followers posted, “You look like a gorgeous tinker bell!” Actually, now that you say it, it doe kind of fit her look! In the pictures, Luikin is stunning in this spaghetti spring mini-dress that hugs her curves in all the right places! The olympian posed perfectly as it appears she is wiping the sweat from her brow as the concrete heats up!

Scroll For More Hot Shots. In Nastia’s standard look, she posed from the ground up showing off her legs for days, which is finished off with a pair of ‘Saint Laurent’ shoes.

“Beautiful dress on you Nastia, You are so beautiful and sweet,” one fan wrote.

Another added something that everyone was thinking after seeing the second photo, “Amazing legs.” As we reported, Nastia has been sharing tons of sexy shots from inside and around her new home in Dallas, and she is getting pretty good at the mirror selfies!

“I’ve gotten so good at mirror selfies that it doesn’t even look like I’m taking it. don’t know if I’ve hit rock bottom or I’m at the top of my game,” she joked about the snaps.

Nastia melted down Instagram after almost suffering a wardrobe malfunction when she showed off this stunning ‘shark-bite’ bikini — in a mirror selfie — that appears to have a huge bite out of the side of it!

The problem with this style is the bottom half of the bite section seemed to have stretched out part of the bathing suit, and we don’t it going down any further!

Plus, this week the gymnast shared another sexy snap where she appears to be sporting snakeskin pants, and Instagram didn’t know what to make of it! We don’t think they are REAL snakeskin but take a look for yourself!

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