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Justin Bieber Addresses Racist N-Word Videos — I Didn’t Know The ‘Power Of My Words’

by Iyzklez
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Justin Bieber has decided to address several videos in which the singer was featured using the n-word and he says, at the time, he didn’t know the power of his words.

The singer addressed the situation on Instagram saying he now wants to use his voice to fight racism, saying, “When I was young I was uneducated and found myself saying really hurtful things not knowing the power of my words.”

N-Word Videos Surface…

Justin is not specific which video or situation he is referring too, as JB was filmed on multiple occasions using the racial slur.

He continued, “Racism Is still very prevalent and I want to use my voice to remind we are all human being and all of EQUAL VALUE BEFORE GOD!”

He posted an image of the words, “Stand Against Racism” alongside his statement.

Sings A Racist Version Of His Own Song

As you may recall, a 14-year-old Justin Bieber was filmed singing a horribly racist version of his own song where he looked into a rolling camera and sang — “There’ll be one less lonely n*****.”

The video surfaced online years later, and Bieber his team addressed the video saying they wanted it out there so he can “own” what he had done.

At the time, it was reported, Justin had seen a viral video online where a comedian parodied his song, “One Less Lonely Girl,” but the person replaced the word “girl” with the n-word.

So, according to Justin, he repeated it.

Justin Bieber Issues An Apology

In the video, JB can be heard joking about killing black people and discussing joining of the Ku Klux Klan. Bieber can be seen looking directly into the camera singing the song.

Bieber also claimed at the time he recorded the video, he had discussed it’s racist contents with Usher and Will Smith when he realized it was a horrible thing that he did. It’s unclear if either of them had seen the video.

It was reported, Usher discussed with his young prodigy the implications of what he said and how hurtful that word is historically.

Justin issued an apology following the release of the video, saying, “I thought it was OK to repeat hurtful words and jokes, but didn’t realize at the time that it wasn’t funny and that in fact, my actions were continuing the ignorance.”

Racist Joke Caught On Tape

Unfortunately, for the pop star, a second video surfaced similar to the first one of JB using the n-word.

In this case, video surfaced of Justin telling a joke with a racist punch line. In that clip, Bieber is heard asking, “Why are black people afraid of chain saws?” He then answers his own question by making a reference to black people running.

He apologized when the video was released, “Five years ago I made a reckless and immature mistake, and I’m grateful to those close to me who helped me learn those lessons as a young man, Once again…I’m sorry.”

Several fans reacted to his post supporting the singer, “i love you…thank you for using your voice for things that matter, for waking others up,” one person said.

Another commented, “It is powerful to admit mistakes and move toward change.”

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