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Lizzo Gets Mixed Reactions After Dropping Nude Pictorial on Instagram

by Iyzklez
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Lizzo is definitely not shy about flaunting her curves to the world, but even though she is clearly comfortable in her own skin, some fans think the constant onslaught of nudity is getting to be a bit much. The “Truth Hurts” rapper posted an extremely revealing photoshoot on Instagram over the weekend showing her stark naked while sitting on a velvet couch.

“Paint me like ya French bitch,” Lizzo captioned one of her posts, in reference to the classic Kate Winslet scene in “Titanic.”


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Omw…. 😏

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In one of the shots, Lizzo strategically draped her hair over all her naughty bits, and another one showed her seductively pressed up against the couch on her knees. The star also included a video of her passionately crawling towards the camera and included the caption, “OMW…”

It is unclear where the risque pictorial went down, but Lizzo clearly felt comfortable with her naked body on the couch and didn’t even need a protective layer between her booty and the couch.

Fans React

Although Lizzo is usually showered in positive praise, many fans thought the star went too far with her latest photos and questioned why she feels the need to constantly get naked.

“Lizzo I love you but this here ain’t none of our business,” one fan commented on Instagram.

Another wrote, “i thought we agreed you would stop this,” while a third theorized, “Couch smell like booty now.”

The comments weren’t all negative, and there were still plenty of Lizzo lovers that feel the “Juice” rapper can do no wrong.

“I wanna see y’all try to diss Lizzo cause if this was kim… y’all would be 😍😍😍 this night away,” one fan argued.

Another praised Lizzo’s attitude and asked her, “Can you share some confidence with me. I really need some.” while someone else wrote, “Lovin your confidence.”

She’s Unfazed

Fans can react any way they want, but Lizzo is living her best life and does not care what people are saying about her. She recently posted about being liberated from the constraints of criticism from others and being true to yourself. Alongside another set of sexy photos, the star wrote:

“And as we let our own light shine, We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we’re liberated from our own fear, Our presence automatically liberates others.” – accepting my roses”

Lizzo and Homer Simpson

Not only does Lizzo not care about the criticism about her body and confidence, she embraces it and recently made a hilarious reveal to fans. The rapper showed off a meme someone made of her butt in place of Homer Simpson’s mouth … and it appeared to get the official Lizzo stamp of approval.

“Lizzo is feeling good has hell….about her bare behind! She took a mirror selfie and shared it with her Instagram followers and also managed to use it to create Homer Simpson’s face,” one fan pointed out on Twitter.

Lizzo, who is currently sitting pretty with 8 Grammy nominations, captioned the pic, “”Kiss my ass, doh!”

You gotta love her sense of humor!

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