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‘Married at First Sight’ star Miles: My calendar note that “crossed a boundary” with Karen was just a joke!

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Married at First Sight star Miles Williams insists he was just joking when he upset his wife Karen Landry and caused her to leave their apartment for the night by scheduling “sex with my wife” on their refrigerator calendar while discussing how to progress intimacy in their marriage.

Miles, a 26-year-old who works with youth from Spartanburg, SC, and Karen, a 30-year-old consultant from New Orleans, LA, were matched by Married at First Sight experts Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Dr. Viviana Coles and Pastor Calvin Roberson to marry on Season 11 of the Lifetime reality series.

During Wednesday night’s episode of Married at First Sight: Unfiltered, Miles watched back a Season 11 clip in which Karen told the cameras she had spent the night apart from her husband because Miles had upset her and “crossed a boundary” by writing “sex with my wife” on their calendar.

“We just had our first kiss, so where is this sex talk coming from all of a sudden?” Karen asked the cameras in the clip. “I don’t really know if we can move past it.”

On Unfiltered, Miles laughed at the footage because he appeared so devastated and sad after his misunderstanding with Karen.

Unfiltered host Jamie Otis, who starred on Season 1 of Married at First Sight, asked Miles how the conversation escalated to the point of Karen leaving their apartment and sleeping somewhere else for the night.

“So the conversation ended up being about intimacy and sex, right? And Karen is not the most comfortable talking about that in the presence of production. And I decided to ask her about it anyway,” Miles shared.

“I made her uncomfortable. [Sex on the calendar] was obviously a joke, but she didn’t take it as one in the moment.”

Karen had complained to the cameras it was a “stupid” and “childish moment” for Miles that made her feel “disrespected” in her own home. She said he had “crossed a boundary” with her.


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