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New Pets Added to the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Family, See What They Got!

by Iyzklez
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The Brown family may be in over their heads with their latest acquisition, as they now have more mouths to feed while setting up the homestead. In an exclusive sneak peek of Wednesday’s episode of “Alaskan Bush People,” the Brown family can be seen opening up a trailer after purchasing some new animals. Patriarch of the family, Billy Brown, is the first one to peek his head inside after telling the rest of the family to “back up.” “Ello!” he exclaims in a cheeky English accent while greeting his new friends.

Snowbird “Birdy” Brown is the resident animal expert, and in a confessional explains, “I always know not to underestimate any animal.” Not yet revealing what the animal is, she adds, “They’re very powerful and they could definitely do a lot of damage.”

She’s seen laying down a trail of feed in hopes of coaxing their new friends out of the trailer peacefully.

Gabriel Brown enters the trailer to try and retrieve the animals but thinks he may be interrupting something personal. “What are they doing?! Are they mating??” he asked.

Billy takes a gander and warns his son, “If they’re doing that you may want to leave him alone.”

Sage advice from the wise elder.


It’s then revealed the Brown family has adopted some ostriches! They have put up a wide fence for their feathered-friends to run around in, but now they have to get them all out of the trailer.

“Holy dog mess, goodness gracious!” Billy exclaims as the first ostrich runs out of the trailer. He’s definitely a big one. The “Alaskan Bush People” reality star then goes on to explain why he wanted ostriches.

“I wanted Ostriches for the simple reason — they’re gonna make money before the cows and horses do! From their eggs to their oils, to feathers to everything about them … there is no downside to an ostrich.”

Gabe asks a good question: “Do they fly?” Billy chucks and answers, “No, thank the lord they don’t fly.”

Gabe goes on to say that he didn’t think his dad was serious about bringing in the giant flightless birds, but, “no he’s serious … we have ostriches.”

Rain’s Not Having It

While most of the family is excited about the ostrich venture, Rainy Brown is not so sure … in fact, she’s terrified of the birds.

“Ostriches are pretty scary,” the 17-year-old star explains.

She adds, “It’s really nerve-wracking to have people touching them and going into the trailer with them.”

Rain is referring to her brother Gabe, who is definitely not respecting the danger and trying to shove the last ostrich out of the trailer.

As he gives the animal one last heave out into the pen, Gabe exclaims, “Wrangling an Ostrich!”

“Alaskan Bush People” airs Wednesdays at 8 PM on Discovery Channel.

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