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Pell – Too Much Of A Good Thing

by Iyzklez
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“Too Much Of A Good Thing” is Pell at his passionate best.

Is Pell any closer to understanding the limits of control, maybe so? In any case, that’s not the responsibility of a songwriter, not the way I see it. Pell is no stranger to sharing his progress in a compelling sing-songy package. In fact, that’s pretty much how he earns a living. “Too Much Of A Good Thing” is one of those songs that poses a risky double negative.

Curious to note, Pell reaches a point of discernment at the top of the article but chooses to postpone his learning curve til much later. He’s a dreamer, there’s nothing more to it. The persona he portrays is emotionally intelligent, but also quite a bit indulgent. A room filled with “bottles and ashes” might seem to him, a wobbly foundation for a healthy relationship, which on its own, isn’t enough to deter from seeking one last stand with his fictional better half. If “Too Much Of A Good Thing” suits your fancy, you might also enjoy “Bitch Ass,” his last video project that boasts some of the detail-oriented lighting and composition I’ve witnessed in some time.

Quotable Lyrics:

Bottles and ashes
On your apartment floor
We might be too loaded
I see the pattern
Of love
In the bed springs
You too much of a good thing.

– Pell

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