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Princess Diana’s Niece Kitty Spencer is Now Engaged to This Man

by Iyzklez
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Kitty Spencer is a look-a-like of her late aunt Princess Diana. She looks just as stunning as the late Princess. Spencer is Diana’s niece on her brother’s side. We don’t hear much about her in the media like we used to hear about Princess Diana and how we now hear about Prince Harry and William and their wives.

Princess Diana’s family, the Spencer’s aren’t in the media much either but they do have a close relationship with Diana’s two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. The Spencer’s aren’t members of the Royal Family either and that is another reason why we don’t hear much about them from the press.

Although this may be the case with Diana’s family, the Spencer’s, Kitty Spencer is now in the news for who she is surprisingly engaged to.

Kitty Spencer was very young when Princess Diana died and didn’t have a chance to get to know her aunt before she was killed. Kitty is the daughter of Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer and has a life that anyone would want.

Spencer is a British fashion model and her career is something everyone dreams of having one day.

According to a report by Marie Claire, Spencer was the fashion model star for Dolce and Gabanna and was also a fashion model for their fashion week show in Milan. She is also, like her cousin Prince William, involved in charity work. Most specifically, she volunteers for the charity Centrepoint, which is a charity who helps homeless people in the UK. We wonder how very proud her late aunt, Princess Diana would be of her today! She would be very proud of her!

Why are we all of sudden bringing up Kitty Spencer in the news now? The reason she is in the news now is that she is now engaged to fashion tycoon, Michael Lewis. Why is this so surprising? Because of their major age difference. Lewis is old enough to be Spencer’s father!

Kitty Spencer is 29 years old and her fashion tycoon fiance, Michael Lewis is 60 years old. Although there is a major age difference between the two, just by reading the news about them and seeing them in pictures, we can tell just how happy they are together.

This is Lewis’s second marriage. He was married once back in 1985 and has three grown children. Kitty says she is very happy to be engaged to Lewis and says she hopes they can expand their family together.

Kitty Spencer and Michael Lewis talked about getting married and decided to before Christmas. Spencer was recently spotted at an event wearing a very big diamond engagement ring. You can tell the lovely new couple is happy together. They were spotted a few months ago getting all cozy and looking in love on vacation.

Michael Lewis

Who exactly is Michael Lewis? He is a big fashion tycoon and is from South Africa, originally. He is 5 years older than Spencer’s own father. This is why we can’t get over the fact that the two are engaged when she is so young still!

Lewis hs a close relationship with the rest of the Spencer family. They are all very happy about Kitty being engaged to him.

Lewis is a chairperson for the fashion retailer Foschini Group and is now worth over $100 million dollars.

What do you think about Spencer and Lewis being engaged to be married? Sound off with your thoughts on this and let everyone know what your opinion is!

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