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Rachel Lindsay reveals Vanessa Grimaldi feud from ‘The Bachelor’ is over: “We’re totally cool now”

by Iyzklez
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Rachel Lindsay and Vanessa Grimaldi have apparently ended their longtime feud that started when they both competed on Nick Viall’s The Bachelor season.

“I was in a feud with Vanessa, and it wasn’t aired… when I was on Nick’s season — and then it kind of became known, because certain people from the season would talk about it. But, neither one of us ever went on social media and went at each other,” Rachel, 34, said in a recent episode of her Bachelor Happy Hour podcast.

Rachel mentioned her past with Vanessa when discussing how it was off-putting Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor had slammed each other on social media following their Bachelor in Paradise breakup this past summer.

Rachel and Vanessa attempted to win Nick’s heart on Season 21 of The Bachelor. Rachel finished in third place and Vanessa got engaged to Nick in the season finale, which aired in March 2017, but Nick and Vanessa called it quits on their relationship five months later.

While the two girls filmed Nick’s season, they clashed and argued behind the scenes.

“Actually, she messaged me, like, after time had passed and I had done The Bachelorette, she messaged me,” Rachel, who starred on Season 13 of The Bachelorette, said during the second part of the podcast’s “Friendsgiving” special.

The “Friendsgiving special” also featured Rachel’s husband Bryan Abasolo and fellow Bachelor Nation members Katie Morton, Kendall Long, Tayshia Adams, Eric Bigger, and Joe Amabile.

“We got on the phone and we didn’t even hash out what had happened because we are so many years past that,” Rachel continued.

“We just picked up where we were and had a conversation about it and wished each other the best and we’re totally friendly and cool now. I mean, like, what a concept.”

Rachel noted, however, that “time had to pass” in order for the ladies to squash their beef.

“We had to separate,” Rachel added. “It had to be the right time for us to be able to come to each other and work that out.”

Fellow Season 21 The Bachelor bachelorette, Danielle Lombard, talked about Vanessa and Rachel’s issue with each other on Reddit in September 2017, according to Us Weekly.

Danielle reportedly told a fan that Rachel had distanced herself from Vanessa during The Bachelor filming because, “Vanessa called Rachel something that was extremely derogatory.”

Rachel later clarified Danielle’s claim and told Entertainment Tonight, “Vanessa told me that I used ‘aggressive’ tones with her, and I was very upset by that. There are so many stereotypes placed on African-American women.”

“She called me a ‘bully,’ and for her to use that phrase was offensive to me. She had no examples to match it. I also felt, as a special education teacher who works with children, she was using the word frivolously.”

Rachel explained she had given Vanessa an opportunity to apologize when they were taping the show, only to be brutally rebuffed.

“She told me, ‘No, you’re a bully, and I told Nick that,'” Rachel recalled of Vanessa.

Rachel dubbed Vanessa’s response “an assassination” of her character in her September 2017 interview with ET.

“After I’ve faced uphill battles for my entire life and worked to prove myself in my career,” Rachel said.

Vanessa is now dating businessman Josh Wolfe, the Director of Outreach and Programming for Quebec and Atlantic Canada for the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.

As for Rachel, she married the winner of her The Bachelorette season, Bryan, in August in Mexico.

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