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Story Of Nigerian Pornstar Who Wanted To Be A Reverend Sister

by Iyzklez
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In the last seven years, a conservative and starkly religious country like Nigeria has been producing some adult film actors. It started with a former Nollywood actress, Judith Mazagwu aka Afrocandy who relocated to the United States of America and ventured into the blossoming p*rn industry which she unsuccessfully tried to introduce to Nigeria despite multiple attempts.

Years after her failure, Tobiloba Isaac Jolaoso self-styled King Tee also started producing p*rnographic contents and his digital skills helped him in attaining significant successes. Several Nigerian ladies worked for him and he encouraged them to show their faces in videos. King Tee’s career has been struggling in recent times with some of his former apprentices notably Savage Trap Queen and Peace Olayemi turning a new leaf.

A new face, a curvy and beautiful lady named Edet Mareme from Calabar, Rivers State has stormed the budding adult film industry in Nigeria with a plan to take it to the summit. If she hadn’t ventured into the highly scorned industry, Mareme would have loved to toe a different line of being a Reverend Sister which entails decency, holiness, dignity and celibacy.

Mareme whose body is ridden with massive tattoos isn’t just doing the job on a short time note, she intends to create a structure from which money can be made like the adult film industry abroad. She is interested in winning awards and leaving a business her generations to come can feed on.

“I love teasing, I love getting you horny. In years to come, I will still be making money from these videos. Even when I am dead, my children and grandchildren will all enjoy from it” she told Pulse in an interview.

According to her p*rnstars make as much as $3,000 to $10,000 or more and the female actors are paid more than their male counterparts. Mareme went on to lament about the stigmatization of women engaged in the adult film industry with the males getting preferential treatment. Mareme is easily mistaken for a commercial s*x worker but she has explained that she doesn’t engage in such acts apart from acting it out in movies.

“I am a p*rn actress and not a s*x worker. Because you watched my video, because you got it from an X-rated site, doesn’t mean I have to have s*x with everybody I meet” she reiterated.

Mareme explains that shooting an adult film might not be totally different from shooting the conventional ones.

Test results of participating actors are vetted to make sure their bodies are in good conditions before they go into action. The videographers, scriptwriters, video editors and location managers also have a huge role to play in the production of adult films.

After production, the videos are then uploaded on websites either daily, weekly or monthly for people to access them on a pay-per-view note. They make money on these websites and then diverse traffic to their local platforms.

The unselfish Mareme isn’t thinking of herself alone, she is focused on opening doors for other aspiring adult film actors who have skills to market to a larger audience.

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