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Stream Content on Netflix the Optimal Way

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Access to video content has evolved and improved in recent years, thanks to the advent of technology and the internet.

Before 2007, DVDs and cinemas were the primary way through which people were able to get movie content to watch, until Netflix, a movie-rental establishment, created an online streaming platform.

This act inspired the creation and development of other streaming platforms, allowing users the luxury of getting up-to-date quality content at their convenience.

Netflix – Number 1 in the Streaming Race

Netflix is the most popular streaming platform in the world, having well over 200 million active subscribers in almost 200 countries around the globe.

Netflix is also the biggest of the lot, as recent statistics show that it has over $225 billion in Net worth, and about $1 billion in annual revenue. These figures are largely due to the high patronage gotten from its subscribers who have access to a wide range of content on Netflix’s platform.
Several movie and series titles are scheduled to release this year, following the pause in production in 2020. It has been three months into the year, and so far we have seen “Saint Maud”, “The Dig”, and “A Glitch in the Matrix”.
However, there are still more anticipated movies set to premiere at later dates and viewers could not be more psyched. For users of Netflix, the following tricks are to help you get the best streaming experience:

Tips to make the best out of your subscription

⦁ Stream at odd Times – While it is the wish of every binger to watch content at high-quality without buffering, it cannot always be possible.
Many times, Netflix’s server is overloaded with a lot of streamers, preventing them from delivering high-quality content in real-time. Streaming at odd hours of the night when others would be asleep increases the server’s capability to process high-quality video content.

⦁ Download – The download function is especially useful for users that may be away from a steady internet connection for a while. It can also come in handy during events and dates, to prevent buffering while watching the content.

⦁ VPN – There are some movies and series that are restricted to only a particular region. Installing a VPN for Netflix allows you access to different VPN server locations that your device can connect to, permitting you to watch content unavailable in your location.

⦁ Lower Video quality – Besides streaming at odd hours, lowering the video quality is a good way to reduce buffering. In some cases, the network speed may not be able to process that many megabytes of data in real-time, causing buffer problems. Lowering video quality takes care of that problem.

⦁ Remove AutoPlay – The Autoplay feature is designed to show the subsequent episode of a series immediately after the current one ends. Unless you intend to binge, turning off the autoplay can help save data should you have other activities, or sleep off.

With the release dates of movies and new seasons of series drawing nearer, the above tips are sure to be useful for you in ensuring the best streaming experience.

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