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‘Teen Mom 3’: Mackenzie Douthit McKee’s Mom Dies Battling Stage Four Brain Cancer

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McKee‘s mother Angie Douthit passed away after battling cancer. Angie was dealing with stage four brain cancer. Although, Angie remained strong her cancer was not slowing down. It spread to different parts of her body. After nearly two years of fighting, she was no longer able to fight anymore.

Teen Mom 3: MacKenzie Douthit McKee’s Mom Battles Cancer

Mackenzie Douthit McKee’s mother, the 50-yar-old Angie Douthit, found out she had cancer in January of 2018. She was battling stage four brain cancer. However, her cancer didn’t seem to get any better. It only got worse. Angie’s cancer eventually spread to her lungs. But, she never gave up and continued to spread the message of hope. and died on December 9th, 2019.

The Teen Mom reality star’s mom was given a short amount of time to survive. Mackenzie’s mom, Angie Douthit, remained strong and kept her faith during the hard times. Angie was able to surpass the timeframe she was given to live. Despite the odds, she was able to celebrate another birthday before she passed away.

Teen Mom Alum, Mackenzie McKee, Asks For Prayers and Donations For Mom

On December 6, Mackenzie McKee took to the internet to give fans an update on her mom’s condition. Mackenzie wrote that “things are not looking good.” So, she asked fans to keep her mom in their prayers. She said, “please pray that she not be in pain anymore.” Adding that her mom is miserable.

The Teen Mom cast member kindly asked fans to help her family with any costs. Mackenzie McKee wrote online that fans who would like to help could donate to her mom’s race Paypal. But, Mackenzie made it clear that they do not have a Go Fund Me set up. Fans have been donating. Mackenzie acknowledges those who have helped. She “can’t believe how generous everyone is being with donations.” Seeing everyone willing to help out has Mackenzie in tears.

Angie Douthit Loses Battle With Cancer

In the beginning of December, Angie Douthit went online to provide an update on Mackenzie Douthit’s mom’s health. But, it wasn’t good news. She found out that her cancer has grown and spread to different parts of her body. Angie wrote that she “should be able to go home in the next few days.” Unfortunately, the situation didn’t have an ideal outcome.

Shortly after, the Teen Mom MTV star’s mom’s battle with cancer came to an end on December 9. The news Angie Douthit passing was shared by Mackenzie McKee with her fans. Mackenzie said that Angie spent her last days “lovingly surrounded by family and friends as they prayed, sang, and shared funny Angie stories.”

Angie Douthit often took to Instagram to share her journey. In her nearly two years of battling brain cancer, she never missed a daily post. In the caption of her last post, her family is hoping that people will “be like Angie and use your social media engagements to make a difference rather than disaster, to spread love and not hate and to always be kind.”

Soap Dirt sends our deepest condolences to Mackenzie Douthit McKee and her family during this difficult time.

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