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‘Teen Mom’ Star Kailyn Lowry Accused Of Promoting Animal Cruelty

by Iyzklez
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Teen Mom’ star Kailyn Lowry is in some hot water after the reality star shared a photo of her new dog which has newly chopped ears.

Lowry posted a picture of herself holding a brand new puppy with the caption, “& our family grew by one more #itsaboy.” But, in the photo, you can see that her new dog has part of its ears clipped off.

Obviously, the clipping was done by the breeder, but people are very upset with Lowry and are letting her know on social media, sending nasty messages about abusing animals and promoting it.

The New Puppy Picture

FYI — Cropping is the process of removing all or part of the external ear flap on a dog. According to reports, many countries ban this practice due to the fact it is purely cosmetic. Many feel it is animal cruelty because it is performing an unnecessary surgery on the animal.

Others in the dog community claim the ear clipping helps to minimize ear infections, but no studies have ever shown this to be true.

Chopping Of A Dog’s Ears Abusive?

“Look at those freshly chopped ears. That poor baby. But you like the look, right? It doesn’t matter that it hurt him, right?” one person said angerly.

They continued, “Why do you crop your dogs ears? In most countries it’s illegal. It definitely should be outlawed in the States- a so-called First World country.”

One fan pointed out by buying from a breeder who abuses their animals she is promoting the process, saying, “He looks so sad, I can’t stand people who buy from breeders and allow for the abuse of them. If you abuse animals, you’ll abuse people. Fact.”

Fans Are Upset…

Chopping of both the ears and the tail is a very common practice amongst breeds like pit bulls and bulldogs. But, in most cases, it is done to make the dogs look more attractive to its owners or buyers. Many in the dog community believe the process is barbaric.

A fan of Lowry’s responded on the picture, “One pissed I believe both circumcision and ear cropping are barbaric as hell. Along with declawing your cats. All of those body parts and skin are there for a reason, or else they wouldn’t be born that way.”

‘Teen Mom’ Star Gets Bombarded With Negative Messages


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& our family grew by one more 💙 #itsaboy @notorious_x_kennels @gotti_canecorso @shady_canecorso

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The person continued, “Why cut the ears. It’s only those sick People Who use dogs in dog fights that do that, the other dog don’t bite The ears. In other cases where there is a lot of ear problems, it could be a good idea. But only for your own good, that’s not ok.

Kailyn has actually considering quitting social media in the wake of many of her followers having such strong opinions about what she posts.

Kailyn has not yet responded to the issue.

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