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This Poor Christmas Dog Is All Of Us

by Iyzklez
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We Feel You, Dogs

@laurenncarterr has posted a photo of her doggies looking festive and whatnot, which has now skyrocketed into viral history.

The woman’s pets were posed with some fake falling snow, with one wearing a decorative hat (can we call it a hat?) There’s a wintery-looking pine tree wrapped in burlap, and things look really nice.

The dog on the right, Opiee, is pleased as punch to be there….

This Poor Guy

The dog on the left, named Mika, — not so much.

Maybe he’ll feel better once he knows that his picture has gone viral several hundred thousand times over.

Then again — fame can bring its own troubles.

What’s Wrong With This Picture

“Took my dogs to take their yearly Christmas photos. It’s really hard when you have one super photogenic dog and one dog having an existential crisis,” Carter wrote.

The owner must have seen her dog’s look right away and knew the truth: that this would become a viral photo.

Other owners began to post photos of their pets going through similar existential crises.

What Are We Feeling Here? Happy? Sad? A Terrifying Mix Of Both?

Carter went on to post more pictures of her dog and other pets, and talking about their different personalities.

Carter wanted to show that sometimes the brother and sister were on the same page emotionally, and shared a picture of the two looking far off into the distance while wearing matching reindeer outfits. She wrote “Sometimes she’s rubs off on him.”

We can’t tell whether that feeling is good or bad.

These Are Dark Days

The comments underneath the photo represent all of us.

So people on Twitter tried to figure out Mika’s problem, or at least speculate as to what she’s thinking.

@Raph13th conjectured we caught Mika during a basic dog-wondering episode.

“Who’s a good boy?” “What does it even mean to be “good”. ”

“They ask you how you are & you say that you’re fine. & you’re not really fine but you just can’t get into it bc they would never understand…” wrote @sushirawr.

Please Give This Dog a Hug

There are websites out there that explain how to take holiday photos of your pets. The site pawculture.com includes tips and tricks, such as taking your dog out exercising before the photo.

“One of the tips I give my doggie clients before a shoot is to exercise their dog right before we meet. That way, they’ve gotten some energy out already and are more prone to relax,” wrote Christina Cookson of Wag Your Tail Photography.

Other pieces of advice include make sure you have good lighting, take pictures on the same physical level as them, and making sure the dog doesn’t mind wearing a weird holiday costume.

None of these things could have helped Existential Crisis Dog.

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