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‘TikTok’ Star Jordyn Jones Spotted Having Dinner With A VERY Special Person

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TikTok’ star Jordyn Jones was spotted having dinner with a very special person that is sure to make huge headlines!

The recording artist and influencer wasn’t out with a new A-list hunky guy — she has a boyfriend — but, instead, she met up with the best person you can think of having dinner with on a Sunday night, your MOM!

Jordyn has been dropping cryptic messages on IG and sharing with fans she has wanted to be alone, and when life gets tough there is always one thing that makes it all better…a hug from your mom.

Jordyn was crushed by photographers after being spotted leaving Hollywood hotspot ‘Catch’ and her beautiful mother Kelly Jones was in tow!

If you are one of Jordyn’s 15 Million followers you know she is always incredibly positive and loves having a good time. However, since releasing her last hit single, “Intimate,” Jones has been putting out some different vibes. Last week, Jordyn posted a photo of herself along in the desert with the caption, ” “ I woke up in the mood to drive to the desert alone and take a day to breathe and be by myself. I don’t talk much about my personal life but just because you see my life through social media doesn’t mean it’s the same. Today I’ll just be here if you need me.“

While it’s unclear exactly what is bothering Jordyn, many of her fans believe she could be having issues with her boyfriend. Jones hasn’t posted anything with him in a while, leading many fans to speculate there may be trouble in paradise. Jordyn has also publicly coped with the loss of her father this past year.

We’re told after Kelly got a few “concerning voicemails” from Jordyn, combined with the cryptic messages that Jordyn has been posting on social media Kelly’s maternal instinct kicked in and she flew to Los Angeles to give her daughter advice, love, and have a great dinner.

As you can see, Kelly and Jordyn are clearly very close and even have been known to bust out dance videos together on Tik Tok. Still, cyberbullying on social media, the pressures from massive labels and studios, and the need to always please your fans can be very difficult to deal with at a young age.

But, Jordyn has Hollywood bigwigs calling on her to take on bigger and more famous roles, along with a budding music career, and being in the right place at the right time is sometimes key! The good news, Jones was spotted meeting up with ‘TikTok’ star Sienna Mae last week, and appears the duo is working on some new viral content!

Next Stop, Bringing Mom To The Grammy’s!

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