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YG lets out secret Project with Nipsey

by Iyzklez
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While promoting his new album 4REAL 4REAL, which he dedicated to Nipsey Hussle, YG reflected on the loss of his close friend. “I feel like the homie was Jesus Christ on Earth. I’m like, ‘Damn, Jesus Christ was my friend,’” said YG during an interview with REAL 92.3’s “The Cruz Show.”

After Nipsey was killed outside his Marathon Clothing store in March, YG says he has seen an outpouring from people, who claim they were down with Nipsey’s movement, something that doesn’t sit well with the Compton rapper.

“I’m glad I got to tell the homie how I felt about him when he was here ’cause it’s a lot of motherfu**ers that coming out the woodworks like, ‘Oh, Nipsey this. Nipsey this,’” he said. “It’s like you bitchass ni**as wasn’t doing none of this when the homie was here. Now he gone, you wanna come out and do all this weird shit. I hate that shit.”

He also revealed that he and Nip were collaborating on an unspecified project prior to his death. “Before the homie went to heaven, we was working on a project, from like January to March,” said YG.

He didn’t reveal exactly what they were working on, but did say that it’s not music-related. “No, it’s something different,” he added. “What we got, what we started to work on, I’m glad that that happened because it’s something that we both wanted to start doing that’s outside of music. And it came from a conversation like, ‘Bro, we gotta do this.’”

He promises that their secret project will eventually come to fruition, adding, “It’s mandatory.”

YG previously spoke about projects that he and Nipsey were working on, including a joint album called 2 of Amerikkkaz Most Wanted. “We had so much shit in the works. TV shows that was being written, A album ‘2 OF AMERIKKKAZ MOST WANTED’ that we tried to work on twice but it never got done,” he wrote on Instagram following Nipsey’s death.

Meanwhile, YG is still grieving over the loss of his brother. “It’s crazy how life happened. The homie not supposed to be gone.”

To honor his friend, he has donated a portion of proceeds from his album to Nipsey’s children, 10-year-old Emani and 2-year-old Kross. “I put that ‘In Loving Memory of Nip’ on the album cover because I’m giving his kids a percentage of every song on the album. By time they get 18, from me, they gon’ have a bag,” he recently told Big Boy.

YG’s fourth album 4REAL 4REAL is out now featuring Meek Mill, Tyga, Ty Dolla $ign, G-Eazy, Kamaiyah, Boogie, and more.

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